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Marias Hundtrim

The Salon:

Maria's Grooming Salon was established in 1991. We trim, groom and bathe all breeds as well as performing general care, such as nail-cutting and ear-cleaning. (Nail and ear-care are always included in trimming, grooming and bathing.) We are located in both Gävle and Bollnäs. You'll find more information under. Welcome In!


We clipp all breeds according to your wishes or according to the standards for each breed.


We do most of the breeds, according to your wishes or after standards. In certain cases, with respect to animal-protection regulation, we will decline from timming if:

the dogs fur is too soft..

the dog is infirm (heart-condition for example)..

the dog is elderly and its skin has lost elasticity...

the dog has hyper-sensitive skin..


We perfrom all types of bathing with double-lathering. The dog is blow-dried and then carefully and thoroughly brushed and combed. If your dog is of the shedding variety all loose hair will remain here (instead of on your sofa!)

Care Products

We sell top quality canine fur and skin-care products that are both lusciously scented and gentle for your dog. With our devotion and experience we know what your special dog needs so feel free to ask us!
















1000 kronor for 4 digital high resolution pictures, if you have your dog in for grooming. Normal price is 1200 kronor.

Outdoor photos

1500 SEK

We do enlargements on paper or canvas. For price information please contact us. Examples of our work can be seen here


+46 (0)278 188 18,

+46 (0)70 214 31 06

Visit adress Bollnäs:

Odengatan 13

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