MoMaBos poodles




Such MoMaBo´s Frizzy Freak

 Hälsinglands Most Beautiful Dog 2008


 MoMaBo´s Fasten Your Seatbelt

 Hälsinglands Most Beautiful Dog 2005



"Alfons" and Maria have the honour to represent the clipp toilett-60 in the book about trimming and clipping "trimma och klipp"


USCH ,NOCH, SECH, C.I.B Kaylen's The Piano Man "Billy"

 Gästriklands Most Beautiful Dog 2012








        Such MoMaBo´s Bizniz            Hälsinglands Most Beautiful Dog 2006

 2008. MoMaBo began a co-operation with Paw of Sweden, which resulted in Golden Collection - leash, collar and the grooming kit bag  



  Trimma & Klipp , markeded by ICA bokförlag